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Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy available from millions of years and is a renewable energy. Out of all energy emitted by sun only a small fraction of energy is absorbed by the earth.

Just this tiny fraction of the sun’s energy that hits the earth is enough to meet all our power needs. SanSmit have developed solar power application based products and marketed all over India with a “Quality first” approach and segmented marketing policy. We have wide range of products.

Amorphous lights

amorphous lights Amorphous silicon (a-Si or a-Si:H) solar cells belong to the category of silicon thin-film, where one or several layers of photovoltaic material are deposited onto a substrate. Thin-film solar cells perform relatively well under poor lighting conditions and are not affected as much by shading issues.

Features of our solar pumps

solar pumps Solar pumps are full automatic working , our controller can change the frequency automatically according to the sunshine intensity, pump can self start once sunrise and can self stop after sunset. Totally no need manual operation. this would be very desirable for automatic irrigation in animal husbandry or agriculture.

All in One Solar LED Street Light

solar led street light The kind of light put solar panel, LED lamp,
battery, controller, and motion sensor all in one kit, so each light is a stand-alone solar system. When people receive the lights, the only thing they need to do is screw the light on the pole, then it can work automatically.

Solar garden lights

solar string light
Solar String Light
solar hallownmas lights
Solar Hallownmas Lights
solar sun jarlamp
Solar Sun Jar Lamp
solar ball stick light
Solar Ball Stick Light
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