Solar Energy

Earth's Energy Budget
  • Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy available from millions of years and is a renewable energy.
  • This energy consists of radiant light and heat energy from the sun.
  • Out of all energy emitted by sun only a small fraction of energy is absorbed by the earth.
  • Just this tiny fraction of the sun’s energy that hits the earth is enough to meet all our power needs.
  • Using present solar techniques some of the solar energy reaching the earth is utilized for generating electricity etc.
  • Even then the energy demand met by using solar energy is very less.

Process to use solar energy

  • We can use solar energy by converting it to electrical energy for which a device called solar panel is used which can convert the light energy into electrical energy.
  • Solar panel is a group of solar cells.
  • Solar cells works on the principle of photoelectric effect.
  • The photoelectric effect works on the principle that when a light of certain frequency falls on surface of certain materials its electrons absorb its energy.

Uses of Solar Energy

  • Heater
  • Cars
  • Lights
  • Satellites
  • Dryer
  • Calculator
  • Greenhouse
  • Water pump
  • Desalination
  • Chilling
  • Solar Ponds


Commercial Uses

  • On an office building the roof can be covered with solar panels to make the office completely work on solar energy.
  • Remote buildings such as schools, communities can make use of solar energy.
  • In developing countries like India this provides a cost effective and eco friendly way of generation of electricity and other forms of energy.
  • Even on roads the street lamps and signals can be connected to a solar panel and made electricity free.

Current Situation in India

  • In India, 70% of population lives in rural areas.
  • They require very low energy to continue their lives without obstacles. The minimum power requirement is to run two to three bulbs of 3w to 5 w and Mobile charging .
  • But unfortunately in rural India there is power shutdown for 8 to 12 hours a day.
  • Therefore for fulfilling their requirement of power they don’t have any option other than renewable source of energy.
  • In India solar power is available in abundance for 300 days. Yet we have not developed the use of this source of solar energy.
  • We have a lot of scope to work in the field of portable solar energy like Portable Home Lighting System, Solar Lantern, Solar Fan, Solar Mobile Charger & Power Bank, Solar Luminaries etc.

various uses solar energy
scenario energy use

Need for portable solar systems

  • Portable-It can be carried from one place to another as per requirement of power.
  • Government can provide power in distant rural areas where power is scarce and difficult for government to provide.
  • Eco-friendly - It produces zero waste and uses renewable source of energy.
  • Cost effective - Portable solar power systems are cheap and can be afforded by poor people.
  • Compact - It requires less space and can be carried easily.
  • Easy to use - It can be used even by the illiterate rural area people and tribals.
  • Plenty of solar energy - Solar energy is available in huge quantities throughout the country

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