Solar Water Pump (Irrigate)

Solar Water Pumps

Powered by synchronous motor

Permanent-magnetic pump with synchronous motor would be the most advanced solar pump in the world now, since it has following unique advantages:

  • Adopt DC brushless synchronous motor ,so pump can work at any speed from 0 to 7200 RPM. (pump with low DC voltage is from 0-6000 RPM )  we use the most advanced DC inverter technology for our pump controller, so our pump have considerable features such as: high efficiency , small size and light weight (its weight and volume are only 1/5 to 1/3 compared with those traditional pump with the same performance) , anyway, our pump is with high performance but competitive price.
  • Full automatic working , our controller can change the frequency automatically according to the sunshine intensity, pump can self start once sunrise and can self stop after sunset. Totally no need manual operation. this would be very desirable for automatic irrigation in animal husbandry or agriculture.
  • Powered both by AC , DC and switch automatically . if AC electricity and solar power are both available , users can connect our pump controller to AC power and Solar power together, if solar power is not enough, our pump can get the rest from AC power automatically, this new technology would make the full use of sunshine, nearly up to 100%


Solar Water PumpsOur pump power range is from 120 watts to tens of kilowatts. All of them adopt DC brushless motor which can be powered both by AC power and Solar power.

This high speed deep well pump is one of our invention patent of our company , our company also have 11 patents for utility models, also acquired several patents abroad, e.g.: from Germany. In the Year of 2014, our pump successfully get the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards issued by Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

It is a technological innovation of pump industry to use high speed and high efficiency DC brushless motor in deep well pump . this pump have excellent performance , it will for sure gradually replace all the traditional deep well pump which use common asynchronous motor, so the market prospect is for sure great can adjust the load automatically according to the sunshine intensity,working full-automatically without manual operation   The solar energy utilization rate would be 5% higher than the general MPPT function.

Our solar pump can work directly with solar panel or AC power , no need battery , can work stably, users can use battery as power alone.

This pump is the most advanced photovoltaic pump system in the world.
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